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New to translation software? Find out what all those crazy acronyms and terms mean here.

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CAT tools

Have you ever wondered what a CAT tool is? Or what felines have to do with translation software? If so, you should try out this free course.

LSPs (Language Service Providers)

What is a Language Service Provider? Where do Language Service Providers fit in the overall translation ecosystem? Find out answers to these questions and more with our course on LSPs.

Translation Memory

What is translation memory? Is translation memory the same thing as machine translation? How do I get a translation memory? Learn more about the world of TM in this course.

Fuzzy Matches

What is a fuzzy match? What makes it fuzzy? How can I use fuzzy matches? Are there different kinds of fuzzy matches? If you were ever curious about any of the above questions try out this course.

Terminology Management

What is terminology management? How is it different from translation memory? What is a termbase? We will educate you on everything you need to know about terminology management in this course.

Text segmentation

What is text segmentation? Why do most tools break text into segments? This course will explain the answers to these questions and more.