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Why choose transdraft? Explore all of our cutting-edge features below

A powerful, intuitive workbench

What's a workbench? Basically it is just a fancy way of describing the user interface you see when you are translating text. Our workbench is fast, simple and easy-to-use and comes complete with keyboard shortcuts for all of the most common commands.

Magic text parsing

Translation texts are automatically parsed into smaller segments to help improve the efficiency of your work flow.

Translation memory

transdraft makes it easy to manage your translation memory. Enable or disable by file or by segment. We give you full control over what percentage of fuzzy matches you see while you are translating. We also make it easy to upload your translation memory in a variety of formats.

Terminology management

Use transdraft's terminology management tool to easily manage your termbase. Our terminology managment tool will help you better manage marketing terms, industry jargon, and organization specific words. We make it easy to save, retrieve, search, organize and download your termbase.

Secure and private Learn More

All final client translations are password-protected so that only you and the client can access them. Your translations and client texts will never be made public or shared with other translators. We use https:// (SSL encryption) on the entire site. No one can access your translations or translation memory files except you or any team members that you specifically designate.

Download your translation memory

We understand that as a translator your translation memory is one of your most valuable assets and we won't lock you in - you can download your translation memory file at any time with the click of a button in a variety of formats.

Highlight for suggestions

Highlight text to see the Google Translate result as well as any fuzzy matches from your translation memory.

Alternative definitions

Highlight text to see alternate translations from other sources if available.

Easy upload

transdraft makes it easy for the client to upload the translation job. You can either paste in the text you want translated or you can upload a document. We accept many different formats.

Auto-generated URL link

When you finish the translation it will automatically be available to your client through a password-protected URL and your client will be notified by email that the translation is ready to be viewed.

Speech to text

Do you prefer speaking over typing? Our built in speech to text feature makes it easy to complete your translations just by speaking.

Mobile ready

Work on your translations anywhere and anytime. On your phone, on your tablet or on your laptop or desktop.

Smooth communication

Leave comments for yourself, other translators or the client.


Take advantage of our free API to increase your efficiency even more. With our API you can programmatically upload new translation jobs.


Stay motivated and track your efficiency through the various graphs we provide translators.


Immediately see what's happened since you last logged in. On your feed you can see any new translations as well as new comments.

Real-time updates

Easy real-time tracking of translation progress.


transdraft automatically generates a PDF of the final translation (among other formats) that your client can download from the secure translation link.

Public profile

Increase your client base by creating a public transdraft profile for our Find a Translator page and advertise your skills to the world.

E-mail support

Having trouble using transdraft? Email me and I promise I'll get back to you ASAP.