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transdraft - software for translators

What is transdraft?

transdraft is a web application for freelance translators that helps improve the translation process and workflow and makes it dead simple to send a beautiful final product to the client.

transdraft is software that helps you translate smarter and more efficiently. One of my top priorities in creating transdraft was the user experience. Although transdraft includes many of the same features as other professional translation software tools, I made a concerted effort to hide that complexity in the background. It is my view that software should be frictionless and easy to use.

A software tool that can do complex things does not need to have a complex and convoluted user experience. At transdraft it is my mission to create translation software you don't need a PhD to use.

Who am I?

My name is Kevin Dias and I am an independent software developer and entrepreneur. In addition to developing and working on transdraft I have also developed a wide range of applications and sites including a language acquisition application, a language chat correction application, an alumni networking application, various financial and portfolio management applications, and a wedding planning application.

I was bitten by the entrepreneur bug at a young age and have been continuously inspired by my mom who has run her own highly successful photography business for over 20 years. (Look again - those are not stock photos on this site. Those were all taken by my mom with help from my sister as the model).

Why did I start building transdraft?

The reason I started building transdraft is that my friend (who is a freelance translator of many years) had never used any translation software tools. I think he had a fear (whether it was well-placed or not) that translation software tools were these huge complex beasts that one needed deep technical knowledge to master. As a technologist, I knew he was missing out on huge benefits in increased efficiency, translation quality, etc. So I got to work with the goal of building a web-based translation tool that could try to fill the niche for translators who could benefit from using translation software but don't have the time, desire or technical skills to learn a more complicated tool. A tool that would not be intimidating and that would be as easy to use as your average social networking website. From there transdraft was born!

Kevin Dias

Kevin Dias Founder